Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Insane School Year

Hi Everyone!!!
This is Erica, and Mom says I should write about ME because i'm never in her posts. (Something about her not knowing about what I do at school or something.) Since I am not as creative in writing as Mom, I'll steal a few Ideas from her. (Mainly her lists.)


1) My backpack weighs 16 pounds. Litterally. I weighed it on the bathroom scale. (and it doesn't even have my binder in it!!) The sad thing is that I want a bigger one so I can fit my 5 pound binder into it.

2) I have so much homework that I think that my teachers are trying to make my brain explode. (Yeah, that's it. The only reason that people want to be teachers are to make their students brains explode. Yeah, that sounds plausible.) I mean come on! Yeasterday, I worked on my homework from 3:15 to 6:30!! That is WAY to long to do homework!!!

3) I'm in advanced Honors English 10 and my teacher has us writing a typed paper every day. It's a wonder that I don't lose my mind.

4) The school has the Air Conditioning still going strong, so I'm wearing long sleeves when its 70 or 80 degrees out. (It's absolutely SWELTERING on the bus ride home.)

5) Oh! So I have this absolutely awesomely lovely red and gray yarn hat with a pom pom on it, but I don't have anything to match it and Mom keeps telling me I'm insane for wanting to wear it to school. (I have no idea why she does. I LOVE my hat!!! Well ,maybe I do...She thinks I'm insane anyway for wearing sweatshirts in the summer. But, oh well. I ADORE wearing sweatshirts!! : > } )

So, I'm having a lovely school year. Really. I love my school (Timpview), and I love my classes, but it is WAY more fun to complain and say the bad things than to gush about everything.
So, sue me.


Doreen said...

Hey Erica, lovely post. Takes me right back to high school. Heavy backpack and all. I didn't realize you went to Timpview. I have a few friends who went there. A really really really long time ago. :o)

Jenny said...

Good thing you moved back to Utah, you can wear sweatshirts and make your temperature 115 degrees, instead of it actually being that temp. - Your CRAYZY!

trublubyu said...

you do have a way with words. just like your mom.

Keith and Nicci said...

Loved it Erica, and we need to see a picture of this cool hat of yours. You'll have ample opportunity to wear sweatshirts soon - I promise (speaking from experience...)

Baby Oven said...

Too funny. Good luck with school, just don't break your back. The hat sounds awesome, i hope you find something that matches it. Wear it either way, no point it letting a cute item go to waste ;)Can't wait to see you!

Terri said...

Erica, I had Debby Drummond when I went to Timpview. I don't remember her being THAT hard. She probably wised up and expected more from students since they get smarter every year:) I should say that she wasn't an "easy" teacher when I was there either.