Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Just a quick update- the shirts have shipped and should be here in a couple of days (yea!) and the computer/Norton problem is on the road to somewhere.

First the shirts- Gap sent an email last night saying they had been shipped. I double checked the address and they are coming to this very house. They even showed a refund on the card, so the Man In Manchester must have been so kind as to return the first set! A signature is required this time, so I'll have to stick around the house Thursday morning. That shouldn't be a problem. The UPS guy is quite nice. The previous occupants of this house get packages sent here all the time. The normal routine is for him to ring the bell and apologize for interrupting. He then says, "I know this isn't you, but I have to ask anyway. Is this the right address?" I always answer, "Nope. That person doesn't live here." He says, "Thanks, have a great day." and runs back out to his truck. I think it will really throw off his game to have a package come that actually belongs here.

As for the computer- we finally called Dell for help and they walked me through a PC Restore. Basically we wiped out everything and started over. This was a necessary step because the Norton"helpers" had pretty much made every program that required input from a Microsoft program inoperable. That would be pretty much everything was inoperable. The computer is now supposedly back to the state it was in when it arrived at our doorstep last winter. The Norton icon even came back up. The computer consultant (a wonderful woman who actually spoke to me on the phone! No live chat this time!) says that if the icon is there, the program should be working. I didn't have time to get everything set up again today, so I'm reserving my right to cheer until then. If not, we have the disk in the box and we'll reinstall it. Luckily, life has been so crazy since Christmas that all we really had on the laptop (and still needed) were pictures and family history info. Both of those items were backed up other places, so I'm all ready to try again! The only real issue I can foresee is that we password protected the wireless internet and I'm not sure where the password and info is. If that was wiped out, too, we may be facing a different frustration until we can get that all figured out. If we can't, it won't matter so much if the Norton works or not. The main source of viruses will be unavailable. I guess you could look at that as a silver lining.

So, things are looking up- at least with respect to shirts and computers. Some other aspect of life may take a down turn tomorrow, but tonight I'm going to bed with my thought load just a little lighter.

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