Monday, September 29, 2008


I have always loved the mountains and the New England Coast. I think, though, that mountains win out (even though ours come with the added bonus of earthquakes!). Today I was thinking how beautiful it is outside right before the sun comes up and thought I'd share. I love to watch the sun stream through the canyons before it actually peeks over the mountain. These pictures are from a month ago, but they still look pretty much the same except the leaves are beginning to turn red.

I don't have a panoramic camera, so a series will have to do. (Also, I'm getting a bit frustrated because the darn computer won't let me post anything above the previous picture and I'm tired of deleting everything and starting over. We'll just have to deal with it!) So the picture above and then the following three are what we see across the street every morning on the way to school. The photos run from north to south. I personally think the next mountain north, which we can't see, is just a bit prettier. I especially love rocks and cliffs and that mountain has more than ours. Oh well.

The next shot is just one of my favorites. Spencer climbed out to the edge of an out cropping of rock on our way down from hiking to the "Y" last June. We took his picture and then chewed him out for getting up there in the first place. I'm a little paranoid of heights when my children are involved. It does make a cool picture, though, and he did live to see another day.

Isn't this world such a beautiful place!


Keith and Nicci said...

That is definitely something I miss about Utah - the mountains are absolutely gorgeous and our morning walks were beautiful!

cabesh said...

Oh, mountains. Real mountains. *sigh*

Blogger can be tricky with pictures--try dragging them to where you want them to go after they've loaded.

trublubyu said...

i love looking at those beautiful utah mountains! i really miss those. you are a lucky girl to get to greet them each morning.

Carrie said...

You guys do have an awesome view of the mountains!