Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Do Voodoo?

The Witch Doctor has worked his magic.

Greg and I were on our way to our romantic evening of router shopping (or "router hunting" as Joseph put it). I wanted to demonstrate Greg that Alvin and the Chipmunks were saving our sanity by keeping the clock running and giving the CD motor a break. So, I pulled the CD all the way out. And nothing happened. Silence. The clock continued to display the time. No motor started. I put the CD in to see what would happen. Track 1 ("Bad Day"), the only one I remotely like, began playing. I hit "eject". The player obeyed, with normal results. I put it in again. Track 1 again began playing. We listened to the whole thing. Track 2 (original "Christmas Don't Be Late") started. We quickly hit "eject". Normal results. Weird. I'm thinking it has something to do with tracks 5 and 15- two different versions of "Witch Doctor". Maybe there's some magic in the music.

We thought about heading home and just laying the CD on top of the router for awhile. Would lightening strike twice? We were practically to our first stop and opted for reality over superstition. We did find a router at an ok price and the laptop is now back in business. The DS still won't connect, but neither parent is going to lose sleep over that one. Still, if your electronics are out of whack, let us know. You're welcome to borrow Alvin. You just never know...

March Madness

I'm finding that March is not my favorite month of the year. It has something to do with the end of the third term at school and every teacher thinking that warrants some sort of project and/or extra concerts. I think we're about done with the projects and half way done with the concerts. Can you believe we have 7 school-related concerts this month alone?! At least the last concert will feature 3 of our 4 instrument playing children in one concert, so that should help me feel like it's a time-saving venture. I mean "feature" as in they'll all be playing in the orchestra, not that they are featured performers.

Don't tell Joseph, though. March=birthday for him and he's counting down the days. He keeps trying to find out what he's getting by asking "So, what am I getting for my birthday?" at random times. I keep disappointing him by answering "Nothing, yet." I haven't really gotten around to birthday shopping because I've been helping with science projects, building bridges, and making electric eel habitats. (3rd graders should never be allowed to pick their own animals to report on.) Add in the "taxi-driving" aspect of motherhood and I feel like I'm never home between 3 and 5, never mind monitoring homework and chores. The actual school part of the day has been pretty mellow, and that's a good thing because that's when I'm catching up on all my sleep instead of other needful things like vacuuming and bathroom cleaning. And, somehow, my brain doesn't function very well when it's sleep deprived. (Oh, and I really do have a couple of presents for Joseph, but if he knew that he'd never leave me alone. So, it's all hush, hush right now.)

Tonight is the first night this week that I don't somewhere to go, at least not that I can think of right now. If you know of someplace I should be, please keep the info to yourself. I'm going to pick up Erica from track and then take the rest easy. Oh wait, I forgot. Greg and I get to go shopping for a new wireless router because ours died yesterday. I should also stop and get Ryan the Starbursts I promised him earlier this week. Happy Date Night to us, I suppose! It's been kind of nice not having internet capabilities on the laptop. The kids are "bored", but they also aren't glued to a game. But, there are papers to be written and information to look up and I can't read the information that Steven's orchestra teacher emailed because our Word program on this computer is too old and can't open it. The new program is on the laptop, and I can't check the email there, so a-shopping we will go.

Speaking of technology, we were challenged in that department yesterday. The CD player in the van is on the fritz and spends all it's time trying to eject something that's not in there. The poor little motor just keeps running and the screen says "Err". We tried putting in a CD to see if it would kick start it somehow, but it just turns on the radio, spits out the CD, and goes back to saying "Err". I discovered today that if I let it spit out the CD and leave it there, half way out of the player, that the motor stops running and the screen shows the time like it's supposed to. So, I've spent today with "Alvin and the Chipmunks" hanging out of the CD player. I chose that CD because I'm so sick of it that if it breaks in half I won't be sad.

And, that brings us back to March and Joseph because he got that CD for his birthday, in March, a couple of years ago. I think I'd take another school concert before I'd listen to that CD right now. Good thing I can't, in the car at least. Joseph is definitely getting something else for his birthday this year, but that's all I'm going to tell him!