Monday, December 22, 2008


We had beautiful snow today. You know- the really big fluffy flakes that make the whole world (out our windows, at least) look like a gigantic snow globe. It was a perfect stay-at-home-and-bake-for-Christmas kind of day. Erica decided to try her own snow-measuring device. She taped two rulers together, end to end, and stuck them out on the deck. There were a couple of inches already out there from the weekend, but the chair started out with no snow on it at all. The blue tape you can see is where the 2 (12 inch) rulers are joined together.

At one point today our neighbors' basketball net was filled up with snow. Guess that makes it a wet, sticky snowfall for today. The temps were right around freezing, so this afternoon the snow started melting a bit. It was an odd sensation to watch the snow fall from the sky and melt lower down the ruler at the same time. That didn't happen long. The snow fell faster and crept back up the ruler as well. And, tonight is supposed to be in the teens, so I doubt the snow goes anywhere before morning.

Dear Next Door Neighbor even showed up with his snow blower a couple of times and cleared the driveway and front walk for us. I really do need to make that man a loaf of bread or something.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ok. Still no luck with the pictures. Don't know what I did, but I did it well. I even tried removing the cutsie blog stuff, but no luck. I will figure this out, though (probably after Christmas) and post some pictures.

The pictures I was trying to post were of Spencer before and after braces. Yes, Tuesday was the big day. He was very excited all day Tuesday and not so much Wednesday, Thursday. His mouth has been pretty sore. The past couple of days have been better. He says they only hurt now when he bites down, so he hasn't been eating much. Maybe I should go get braces. Having never had braces, I found the whole "installation" process very interesting.That's one documentary or "how-they-did-it" special I've never seen before.

It looks like we are finally going to get our white Christmas. It's snowed about every other day, sometimes a bunch, sometimes not. Tomorrow we could get up to 10 inches. I love watching it fall. I don't even mind the shoveling. Our driveway here is about 1/2 the length of the one in NH, so haven't even had time to enjoy the alone time before it's done. (The kids generally won't come find me when I'm out shoveling.) We're running highs in the 20's, so I'm fairly confident the snow we have gotten isn't going any where before Christmas. Love it.

Our dear nextdoor neighbor is just a fanatical about our yard when it's covered with snow as when it's full of weeds. He checks to make sure the sidewalk is properly shoveled and that we have plenty of ice melt spread. I'm doing my best to be outside as soon as the snow is done so I can shovel myself. Gotta figure a way to channel all his extra energy, but it's nice to know it'll be shoveled if we're ever not around to take care of it.

Ok, again. I was just showing Greg that I can't upload any pictures and it uploaded pictures. I think that between ordering online and blogging I should just avoid my computer. We apparently do not have a very good working relationship. I'm not going back to redo this post though. I might push another button I won't know how to undo. So, here are the long-awaited before and after shots. Enjoy.

Since AZ is about the only place in the country not having snow and ice and lots of our family and friends are there, I'm sending out a bit of a White Christmas. These were taken the morning of the day Spencer got his braces and we've had a bunch since. So, Mom, Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I hit the "remove formatting from selection" button (looks like an eraser) on the "create post" page and now can't post any pictures. I discovered there is no "undo" button on the "create post" page. Shame. I could use one right about now. The help feature wasn't exactly helpful- either because I didn't ask the right questions, or I'm the only person to do this and there isn't a need for an answer, or both, or something else. At any rate, my tiredness level has exceeded recommended levels, so I'm off to bed. Anyone out there know what I did and how I can fix it? What is it they say in grade school- "you can be my best friend" if you can fix my problem!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happiness in Fries and a Calendar

Tonight was Spencer's band concert. It was also Erica's orchestra concert. Since they were basically at the same time, Greg got to go with Erica and I got to take Spencer. Since Spencer's started first and had a higher probability of shortness, the other boys all decided to accompany me. There were only 8 songs between 3 bands, but the boys were getting a bit antsy by the end- especially since I wouldn't let them play the DS during the concert. What a mean mom I am. Then, magic. The last song of the night was "Carol of the Bells". Someone, somewhere (probably a McDonald's commercial) taught our children a different version which they love. I was suddenly surrounded with a small chorus of "Ding, fries are done. Ding, fries are done." and "Would you like an apple pie with that? Would you like an apple pie with that?" This particular version and many extra "Ding, fries are done" stanzas, but the boys just sang right along (quietly, so the neighbors couldn't hear) Turned out to be the best song in the concert for our boys. And since said concert was now over, they were free to play the DS while waiting for Spencer to come find us. Double dose of Christmas cheer.

The tradition for the past several years is that Greg would order a new calendar for my birthday, but this year it never happened. I've been using the calendar sold on the Flylady website, but this year wanted something different. I looked and searched and finally decided to go back to the More Time Mom's Calendar that I used to use. It arrived yesterday. Not a big deal except that I ordered it 31 days before. Chalk it up to my amazing online ordering skills -which I'm finding are somewhat deficient. Once again, I managed to order something online and have it sent to the wrong address. This time it went to our last house in Arizona. In my defense, this calendar was ordered from Two semesters worth of books for Greg have been successfully ordered and delivered to our current address since August. I thought nothing at all about having Amazon send the calendar to their address on file. Somehow that address on file was suddenly in AZ. After waiting for two weeks I checked online to find that it had been delivered to our old house. This time I had a phone number because our landlords had moved in after we moved out. Sure enough, they had it and said they'd mail it. I waited two more weeks and then called them again. It was still at their house, but I was promised it would be mailed the next day. It was! And, it arrived here, at this very house, just yesterday. Hooray! My life now exists after New Year's Eve! I am very happy and am doing all of my shopping this Christmas at brick and mortar stores. Some things just can't be late or otherwise diverted.

Monday, December 1, 2008


My daughter drove the couple of miles home tonight. In the dark. For several blocks on 9th East (semi-major road here). She really does pretty well, I shouldn't complain. This is just one of those times my major perfectionist, dislike-of-the-unknown self comes right up front. It's the experience she needs and that requires actually driving. Too bad one can't learn this osmotically. I'd talk her (and some day his, his, his, and his) ears off. Education is expensive (still!) for both the parents and the child. Both are at least trying very hard to be understanding of the other. I'll continue to be grateful the expense we're paying is emotional and not monetary. I have a new and very deep appreciation for my parents. They have moved up several notches on the respect meter. Younger siblings, once again, HA! By the time you get to this point I will be so done. Children, if you read this, I love you all and really do want your happiness a freedom. Even if there are times I'm a little less relaxed in the car than others.