Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I hit the "remove formatting from selection" button (looks like an eraser) on the "create post" page and now can't post any pictures. I discovered there is no "undo" button on the "create post" page. Shame. I could use one right about now. The help feature wasn't exactly helpful- either because I didn't ask the right questions, or I'm the only person to do this and there isn't a need for an answer, or both, or something else. At any rate, my tiredness level has exceeded recommended levels, so I'm off to bed. Anyone out there know what I did and how I can fix it? What is it they say in grade school- "you can be my best friend" if you can fix my problem!


trublubyu said...

i totally have no answer for you. wish i did.

when you do find out what to do about it, please remember it, because it sounds like something that will happen to me in the future. and i will come to you for the answer.

cabesh said...

Is it not letting you post pictures to any posts, or just that one?

Shannon said...

I've deleted that post twice and started over fresh and it still won't post. I also tried posting other pictures, thinking I'd changed the picture formatting somehow, but it still won't let me post. Any thoughts?