Monday, December 1, 2008


My daughter drove the couple of miles home tonight. In the dark. For several blocks on 9th East (semi-major road here). She really does pretty well, I shouldn't complain. This is just one of those times my major perfectionist, dislike-of-the-unknown self comes right up front. It's the experience she needs and that requires actually driving. Too bad one can't learn this osmotically. I'd talk her (and some day his, his, his, and his) ears off. Education is expensive (still!) for both the parents and the child. Both are at least trying very hard to be understanding of the other. I'll continue to be grateful the expense we're paying is emotional and not monetary. I have a new and very deep appreciation for my parents. They have moved up several notches on the respect meter. Younger siblings, once again, HA! By the time you get to this point I will be so done. Children, if you read this, I love you all and really do want your happiness a freedom. Even if there are times I'm a little less relaxed in the car than others.


trublubyu said...

not looking forward to teaching my kids to drive. i think i want to have too much control in the car. ya know?

good luck!

Terri said...

I think the monetary expense is more often than not easier to deal with than the emotional one! Of course, you have to remember I have FOUR girls and all the emotions (and hormones) that go along with that!