Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Decorations

Today is the annual "put-up-the-Christmas-decorations-and-hope-we're-still-speaking-to-each-other-when-we're-done" day. This one has been the best, by far. Maybe the kids are old enough to really help (notice most are almost as tall as the tree!), or maybe it's just a new setting with a little more room for everyone to get around, or maybe the radio station here plays better Christmas music. Whatever the reason, the tree was up in no time flat, smiles were still to be seen, and a few minutes of quality family time had actually taken place. There were lots of "Oh, I remember"'s going on- remember getting some ornament, or making some ornament, or the person who gave us an ornament, or something special in relation to an ornament. Before we knew it, the boxes were empty and the tree was full. No, our tree, or Christmas for that matter, doesn't have a particular "look". The best decoration we put up every year is the one no one can see, but grows bigger and brighter every year...we decorate with memories.

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Tim and Katy Glemser said...

Ha ha that's how it usually was with our family back in the day. There were heated arguments as to which nativity went where, which ornament hung on which branch, etc. It got intense.