Monday, November 10, 2008


I was poking around on the internet and came across this very cool piece of knowledge (for all you Trivial Pursuit fans). This particular diamond was identified in 2004, so maybe you've already heard about it. I hadn't. Wouldn't fit very well on your finger, or in your state for that matter, but it's just lying there- if only you could figure out how to get there to claim it! (FYI 4000 km is about 2500 miles.)


Betsy said...

I wouldn't want to keep it, I would just want to sell it! It's good to see that you and your family are doing well. Check out myblog You can see pictures of my new baby!

Betsy Westberg

NatureGirl said...

Check back at my blog. I left a comment under yours. It has an idea, that I am not sure anyone but you could pull off! Great looking applesauce BTW!