Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Of Dishes and Volleyball

I am blogging because I don't want to be doing the dishes. Guess you know where my priorities lie. If I blog long enough I can go to volleyball and procrastinate the dishes for another hour. What an amazing time-manager I am. Dishes have never been my forte, but I do them because we like to eat every day. In fact, I don't have very many dishes so that we HAVE to wash them and I can't fill my kitchen with dirty dishes. That's just too depressing, even for me. For awhile I was doing great with the Flylady system (She saved my sanity at one point. Love that woman.) I just haven't figured out the swing of things since we've moved.

I'd rather write about and play volleyball than write about and do dishes. I play on my ward's team. We aren't very good, but we have a GREAT time. There are six of us and four of the six serve in Young Women. So, as far as meeting new people, it hasn't helped so much, but I've really enjoyed getting to know the ladies I serve with. We're doing very well in our stake play because the other teams are afraid of us. They keep not showing up, so we win by forfeit. We usually play for fun and to practice with anyone else who's hanging around. Tonight our game is at 9:30. Absolutely crazy time, if you ask me, but I'll go anyway. My favorite position is the left front, but any where on the front line will do. I LOVE to spike and block. It will be interesting to see how the knees feel tonight. They haven't been overly thrilled about my volleyball enjoyment, but have complained less and less each week. It's only been 5 days since we last played and they don't hurt at all. It used to take me all week and then some to recover. The tournament is next week. The top four teams get to go to regionals. Sadly, we'll probably go- because I think there's only about 4 teams who regularly show up. I love to play, but this time of year the calendar is already full.

Ok, that's about it for the random, flow-of-consciousness thoughts on dishes and volleyball. My conscience is getting the better of me. I've got 10 minutes. I'll do the dishes and then head out the door. Then I can come home and sleep peacefully having done both this evening.

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Kathleen said...

This is the nice thing about blogs, you learn something new about the person that you wouldn't have guessed. I would have never guessed you love to spike in volleyball, probably a good way to relieve stress though. Although now that you mention it, I can see you enjoying that position. Have fun tonight!