Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rachel's Challenge

Erica's school had an assembly today for the students and a presentation tonight for students and parents about Rachel's Challenge. Rachel Scott was the first person killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Her dream was that her life would have an impact upon millions. Her thought was that the smallest acts of kindness can start a chain reaction which has the potential to change the world. Do something nice for some one, no matter how little. You never know how far the ripples will travel. Kind of the "Pay it Forward" mentality with out waiting for something nice to be done to you first. Her story is quite amazing and her family wants to use it to prevent a similar tragedy from ever occurring again and help to change the world for the better. They taught the kids (and the parents) to avoid prejudice, set goals and write them down, surround themselves with positive influences, and to be kind. All in all, it was very different, and much better, presentation than I had expected. It really gave me a lot to think about. I know it has changed me for the better, I hope for the long term and not just the here and now. So, I'll pass the challenge on--Go see the chain reaction you can start.

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trublubyu said...

they do rachel's challenge here at our local elementary. it is a very positive program and the kids respond to it.