Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Blog, I hit a great sale today.

One of the stores I miss the most from Arizona is Sprouts. It's a produce/natural/whole foods store that generally has really nice produce for really nice prices. Three weeks ago we got an ad in the mail for a new store that opened here called Sunflower Farmers Market. The ad looked a lot like Sprouts' ads and even had the same Wednesday special- they honor last weeks' ad as well as the coming weeks' ad on Wednesdays. I decided to drop in. Lo and behold, it was my Sprouts store almost exactly reincarnated in UT! (Happy Dance!) The workers at the store have never heard of Sprouts, but they must be "related" somehow.

Ok, now for the point of this blog. I went shopping today and hit some most amazing deals. I usually call my mom when that happens because, well she's my mom and moms are happy for you on days like that. I can't call her right now (I know because I tried) because she is driving to visit us (yea!) and is out of cell range. I have to be excited and tell someone, so I'll tell my blog.

Dear Blog,

I hit a great sale today. Sunflower Market had Gala apples for $.39 a pound today, yes $.39. I wish key boards still had the old cents sign because I would use it! They also had cantaloupe 3 for $1. That would be 3 cantaloupe for $1, not 3 pounds for $1. Green leaf lettuce was only $.77 a head. Grapes were $.77 a pound. Beefsteak tomatoes were $.69 a pound. Pumpkins were 3 (pumpkins) for $10, but I didn't buy one of those yet- don't want it on the counter for a month. The best part is that the sale will still be on when I go again next Wednesday!

I'm happy about Sunflowers for a couple of other reasons, as well. The first time I went to the store I asked about TVP (texturized vegetable protein) because I like to use it when I make casseroles and I had just run out. (It has no fat and is made out of soy which helps lower cholesterol, but that's another blog for another day.) They didn't have any in bulk at that time, but today I was hurrying to the checkout and passed a bin of TVP. I don't know if it was that great of a price, but I really appreciated them listening to my request and getting it. On top of that, the first time I went they gave out free reusable grocery bags. Today I actually remembered to bring them with me and they gave me $.20 off my total. I know, it's not much, but it's nice to get a little tangible reward for making an effort to cut down on our waste. They also told me that whenever I bring my own bags, what ever type they are, they'll give the discount. Maybe someone out there has better deals or better prices, but today, I'm feeling very happy about Sunflowers. I think it gets to be my favorite store today.

Ok, I think I have my excitement out of my system. Thanks, dear Blog, for being available and not out of range. You also provide the added bonus of being able to revisit this shopping trip again on a later date, maybe on a week when grocery prices aren't quite so low. Now, to go finish putting the groceries away and cook some of them for dinner! Have a great day.



trublubyu said...

love those deals! and i agree about the cents sign. i wish it was still on the keyboard.

they used to have sunflower markets down here, but they all closed. probably right before you 196moved here.

i am interested in a tvp post. please do tell more.

trublubyu said...

sorry about that 196 right before "moved". an error. i was not speaking in code.

Kelly said...

Good for you! I'm going to go check out Sprouts tomorrow.

Baby Oven said...

I am so jealous! Produce here costs an arm and a leg. I feel really good when I can get apples for $.89 a lb (really need that cent sign). Revel in the savings for me.

The Streiffs said...

I love Sunflower too. They have it in NM and its our weekly Wednesday shopping trip! I'm glad there is another Sunflower fan.

Terri said...

I miss the great deals that happen in Utah..... I don't think there was a Sunflowers when I lived there - never heard of it. I sure miss Macey's grocery store, though.

Carrie said...

We are so excited about this store. It is ALMOST as good as Trader Joe's. We have needed a store like this here in Utah Valley for a long time. Is is totally crazy on Wednesdays? I haven't ventured out with my two boys on a Wednesday yet.

Shannon said...

Wednesdays are crowded, but aren't too bad. I've been in worse shopping situations, that's for sure. I usually go between 10 and 11. Don't know what it's like when it opens. Good luck and maybe we'll see you there!