Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Planted A Stick Today

Yes, it's true. I planted a stick. It's as close to gardening as I got this year, so it's kind of exciting for me. I'd post a picture, but the camera has a short and won't take any at the moment (unless you want one that's black as a starless sky).

I was on Craig's List this morning to see if anyone had a rototiller for sale. (I always want very exciting things for Christmas.) However, either nobody has one or else nobody is giving one up. Don't know which. Didn't find a single mention of a rototiller, but I did find someone that had a free fruit cocktail tree. He's about 2 feet tall and has two branches poking out one side. It's apparently supposed to grow 5 different types of fruit on at least 5 different branches, but it only grew two this year (don't even know which fruit it was trying to grow). They complained to the company, who sent them a new one. They felt bad digging up ol' Two Branch and just leaving him to die, so they posted it on Craig's List. Poor thing's been out of the ground all week and the leaves on the two branches were all shrively. We're not sure that he's going to make it. (Don't ask me how I know it's a boy. It just is.) I dug him a nice deep hole, took out about a ton of rocks, placed him in it and gave him a nice slow drink of water. Now, we just wait until next spring. Erica hopes it grows fast so she can climb in the branches. I told her that maybe her kids can some day climb in the branches. For now, we're just going to be happy if it stays upright all winter and grows a few leaves next spring. If not, he was free and I got to dig in the dirt for an hour. Fair trade if ever I saw one.

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