Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One Down, One To Go

I'm not including any of the German translation. Doreen (my German sister-in-law) wouldn't be able to stop laughing and breathe for the next three days. That can be the German teacher's problem. Point is, he looked up all the words and found things that corresponded fairly well for a first quarter Intro to German student and we all survived the trauma. Now off to bed. Finishing the English diarama is next.


Keith and Nicci said...

Great Job Spencer:) And good luck this weekend Shan:) Maybe the diorama will keep everyone busy for a little bit!

The Streiffs said...


Your kitchen is beautiful!!! Can you teach me how to do that?!?!? bty, Erics's blog is great. Good luck on the diarama

Shannon said...


It's really easy. You hire a realtor, go house hunting, and buy a house with a kitchen that looks like that! We bought it just the way it is, except we cleaned a little after we moved in. I do really like the color. Occasionally, I clean the floor and then it matches, too! I think, though, that you paint it one color and then rag on or off a glaze or lighter color.