Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter at Aspen Grove

This may be a bit long, and I apologize. Our family loves Aspen Grove, so when the Wellness program offered snowshoeing or cross country skiing there for the families on Presidents Day, we jumped at the chance. We'd never been there during the winter before, but we love it in the summer. I thought we'd post some pictures, for those that care, to see the difference. Here's a link to some pictures of Aspen Grove last August.

Looking at the dining hall from the parking lot.

This the other side of the dining hall, where the sign-ups for the tournaments usually are.

Amphitheater, notice you can only see part of a couple of rows of benches and that's only because they are somewhat protected by trees.

A front-on shot of the Amphitheater from the front door of the Lodge ("candy store part" as the kids call it!)

On the bridge looking towards the pool. The snow comes up to, and covers the bottoms of the slides.

The shuffle board courts.

Pioneer Village at the far end of the field.

Greg is wearing snow shoes and is still up to his knees. Yes, it snowed on us for a little bit.

Sand volleyball courts, taken from inside the pavilion. That snow depth is not created from shoveling. It's the real deal.

Playground next to the volleyball courts.

Entrance to the swimming pool.

Another of the entrance to the swimming pool.

Standing at the main-camp end of the bridge. This picture is taken facing the amphitheater. That's Joseph next to the pile of snow.

The snowshoers stayed on the pool side of the camp. THe Cross country skiers were on the cabin side of camp. This was the only cabin I could see from next to the dining hall. I think it's really one of bathrooms/showers, but the snow is half-way up the side of the building.

Hot Chocolate and donuts after we're done.

Steven on the patio between the dining hall and the parking lot.

The next two are just for comparison. They are taken in our front yard after we got home. Definintely more snow up in the mountains!

That's it, or at least all I'm going to post here. It's kind of hard to believe, looking at these pictures, that the last time we were there we were dying in 105 degrees. Joseph didn't recognize anything until we were done and were pointing out what each building was. He thought we'd gone to a different place. I saw the manager of Aspen Grove today and he said they have less snow this year than last so far. Glad I'm not shoveling!

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