Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Millionaire Next Door...

... is not me, but someday it would be fun! I've heard about this book for several years and never actually taken the time to read it. I've listened to others tell me some of the ideas and called it good. Greg and I are currently taking a class about preparing for retirement and the instructor requires the book for his real college students. I'm still not reading it. It's been on hold at the library, but the CD's were in so I checked them out and am listening to them.

I have to explain here that the financial world has always been a huge mystery to me- even more than the inner workings of automobiles. I've always known to have a budget, live on less than we earned, and put money into savings, but never really understood what all the terms were and how they applied to me. That's the biggest reason we're taking the class. I really dislike feeling unintelligent.

Well, between the class and this book, I think I'm starting to get it, just a little bit, but get it none-the-less. What an empowering feeling. I love feeling like I know what to do to take charge of a situation and make it go the direction I want, even if it takes a little (or a lot) of work. I'm also very much a patterns an equation kind of person. Who knew that there were formulas and guidelines to bring order to the mass of chaos that the financial world is to me?! I'm even beginning to be interested in going back to school in this. It's like a whole new exciting world.

That, my friends, is one gigantic Everyday Miracle.

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