Friday, February 13, 2009

GIve Me 72 Hours And Then You'd Better Not Mess With Me

I have mentioned before that Greg and I participate in the BYU Wellness program activities. Part of the reason is that we are supposedly developing better health. The other part is that they pay us to do so. It's not much and, to be honest, I didn't think I could be bought for so little. Apparently I can.

The current activity is focused on strength training. We can choose the areas we want to work on. The idea is to do as many reps as you can of a particular exercise, wait a day or two, then do it again. Sounds rather enticing, doesn't it! I have chosen to do push-ups (yes, the girly-on-your-knees kind because the regular ones kill my knees), sit-ups, and squats. Normally I just go until I can't anymore which has gotten me to about 25 push-ups, 20 sit-ups, and 60 squats (yea for hiking to school and back!).

Wednesday night, Greg decided to alternate between sit-ups and push-ups. He did 10 of one, then 10 of the other, and then repeated the cycle. He did an amazing amount- 70 push-ups and 101 sit-ups. He's been sore ever since. Not being very intelligent, I decided to try the same experiment tonight and I want to report my success. Yes, it's almost midnight, but if I don't type this before going to bed I won't ever be able to type it. I can feel the rigormotis (even though the rest of me is still alive) setting in quite rapidly. My arms feel like my legs did after climbing up and then down all the stairs at the Bunker Hill Memorial. I'm not sure I'll be able to lift them tomorrow. I didn't even get to the squats.

So here's the report. (Drum roll, please.) 116 push-ups and 101 sit-ups. Go ahead and be impressed. I am, at least until morning. In the morning I'm going to feel really stupid. I know this because it is already coming on. My hope, though, is that by the beginning of next week (or maybe next month) I will have some very buff arms and shoulders and maybe be able to sit up on my own. I might even be able to fight off the dog that bit my friend, Lisa, in the backside a couple of weeks ago, but not tomorrow. Until I can move again, I'm pretty much a sitting duck.


Mom O' Nine said...

Ibuprophen really helps unless you want to stay totaly drug free. Also, warm soaks in the tub really help. I totally loved this blog. Cracked me up. Especially the "bought for so little part.". Also, the amount of sit ups and push ups was truly amazing. I hope it makes you feel much better that if I tried even half, someone would have to call 911 and cart me away.

Shannon said...

Mom O' Nine-
Yes, I took ibuprofen before bed last night. So far I'm doing ok. A shower this morning felt really good. I may have to try a bath if I get really stiff. Not much of a bath person, though

NatureGirl said...

Quite impressive Shan! Keep it up.

Kathleen said...

I am impressed, I would be proud of myself if I could do 10 push-ups and sit-ups, what are those :-)
BTW Thanks for the great hike ideas, we are going to do them next, so anymore you think of please pass them on.

Lybi said...

WOW! You are WONDER WOMAN! I secretly suspected, but now I know for sure! WOW!