Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Aspen Grove

Greg's dad, Tom, is visiting this week. We've talked every now and then about gathering the Nelsons at Aspen Grove for a family reunion/get together, so we thought we'd take him up to see it. They've added a lodge since my family was last there so I thought I'd post some pictures and video. You can go to the Aspen Grove website to see panoramic shots of the camp itself. The video I've included is just to give a perspective of the new lodge. They also added a new rock climbing "pillar" at the ropes course. It's pretty stationary and no one was using it, so I just took a couple of pictures. The white wrapped around the bottom 1/2 is a huge tarp to keep people from climbing when no one is supervising.

The gathering area on 1st floor of lodge. It's in the middle and has two halls of "hotel rooms" off either side. That's Ryan trying out the comfy chair.

One of the hallways. The laundry room and elevator (now you can avoid that monstrous hill if you choose!) are through the door at the end.

Lodge from between the badminton courts and the bathroom by the dining hall. This is the entrance to the elevator. You can see people on the large porch that is on each floor.

Lodge from below, standing next to the far end of the fish pond. It now stands where that pirate ship playground used to be. I didn't see the play equipment anywhere else, so I don't know if they kept it or not. We didn't look everywhere, though.

Lodge (and Tom!) from the bottom of the "monstrous stairs" next to the fish pond.

Lodge from the "front" at the bottom of the hill. I got back as far as I could and still couldn't get the whole thing in the shot. They were still working on the landscaping/sprinklers when we were there today. I think it will fit the surroundings better when there are plants instead of dirt all around.

Underground parking on our way to the elevator

First floor porch

360 shot from parking lot in front of dining hall. I went slower than was probably necessary, but I didn't want to make anyone "see"-sick!

This shot starts near the wall where you sign up for the tournaments at camp and walks around to the entrance to the dining hall.

This shot goes from the parking lot by the dining hall down the road and around the side of the lodge.

This is from the road as you come around to the front (or back depending how you look at it) of the lodge. The fish pond is just over the rise at the end.


Emily said...

Hi Shannon!

Next time your family goes there I want to go... That place looks awesome... I have heard all about it from Beth and Kyle but to see the pictures makes me so want to go! Thanks for sharing!


trublubyu said...

this is on our to do list. we can't wait!

Keith and Nicci said...

Hmmmmm... maybe another reunion there sometime in the future??? We hope so!

kyleandbeth said...

The good news for Emily is that the ldge is done and we can stay there next time so she CAN come!!! Looks great to me. I wonder how it will do keeping bugs out of the bathroom!