Thursday, August 21, 2008

Some Boxes Are Important

Ok, I had fun at the shopping trip the other day and made a comment about thinking outside my box (see previous post). I'm going to have to pay attention to at least some of the boxes in my life, though-like the ones on the calendar. I picked up those tickets for the Women's Expo with the intent to take Erica for a Girl's Day Out. I still think it would be a blast to go with her, but I tried writing it on the calendar and met with a few conflicts. None of them are bad conflicts, they just made the calendar first with prior approval. Greg will be in AZ that day to attend the temple with a family from our previous ward he helped the missionaries teach and won't be home until later that night. We have at least 3 soccer games that morning at 9:00, 11:00, and 12:00 with pictures for said teams also being taken that day. There's a possibility for another as we don't have Spencer's schedule yet. (I should mention here that I'm PROFOUNDLY grateful that we don't have three games at the same time with only one driver!) It also happens to be the weekend of our Stake Conference, which isn't until that evening, as far as I know. I guess that leaves Erica and I a couple of hours in the afternoon. Maybe we can squeeze in a quick trip. She, after all, is the only one without something to do that day! Looks like it's time to be filling out my pocket planner again. Sometimes it's important to stay inside the box.


trublubyu said...

could you talk to my husband about the importance of boxes? i just need him to communicate with me and fill in those little calendar boxes so i know when not to schedule something. this is one of our issues.

Keith and Nicci said...

That's something straight out of my life - getting all excited about doing something, and then realizing it wasn't all as great or planned out as I originally thought! Too funny!