Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Little Every Day Miracle

The point of this blog was for me to notice and record little everyday miracles that make a difference in my life. They aren't big and just come along in the course of a day. So many of them happen that I don't even recognize at first (or ever). Yesterday was one. I was walking home with the kids from school and one of the moms, Lisa, met me outside. Seems she'd been over by the Sister Missionary Mall in Orem and they were having a sale- 20 items for $100. They had some really cute shirts, skirts, dresses, sweaters, and jackets but you had to buy them in multiples of 20 to get them for $5 each. She was trying to find a couple of people who wanted to go shop together. Sounded good to me, so after soccer last night we headed over. It was fun and there were some great deals. A couple of the women brought their daughters (didn't even cross my mind to do the same, darn it!) and I got to know a couple of the Young Women. I found a jacket for Erica regularly $90 for only $5 and a skirt and a couple of shirts for me. They also were giving out free tickets for the Women's Expo next month. I picked up 2 so Erica and I can have a girl's day out. I'm glad Lisa saw the sale. I would have seen the sign and decided that I didn't need 20 things then put it out of my mind. Instead, I have new clothes, got to spend time with new friends, and have future plans for some time with my daughter. I'll have to think more outside my box from now on.


trublubyu said...

that sounds so fun. i want a sale like that here- and now i know what to do. i am like you, i think i wouldn't have thought twice about it because i wouldn't have wanted to spend the $100.

have fun with erica at your fun event.

Jenny said...

What a great find! I agree, I usually think I can do without the sale, but I can get so excited when I find great deals and had fun shopping with whoever. I actually did that this week, found $13 baby toys at Wal-Mart discounted to $3. YEAH! Christmas presents for David and Kassie, done!