Sunday, August 24, 2008


I've wanted to write something all day. I don't have anything really insightful and thought I'd just put down a couple of random thoughts.

1) The Scoutmaster in our ward has seemed so familiar to me ever since we moved in. I haven't been able to place him, though. I found out this week that he was a graduate student and taught in the Exercise Science department when I was a student here back in the last century. I still couldn't totally place him until tonight. I finally remembered that he taught my PE 363 class (Physiology of Activity or something like that). I do remember a couple of things- like figuring out body mass index and some new ways, besides those dreaded calipers, to determine body fat. The thing I remember most was that I had that class in the Fall and the final for that class was the last final on the last day of finals and he would not let us take it early. I think the 30 people in my class were the last souls on campus that semester. It obviously didn't kill me, but I do remember being a little perturbed back then. He seems like a nice enough guy and I really like his wife and daughter, so all's forgiven.

2) I passed the 500,000 step mark in our Wellness Fitness Challenge today. Woohoo! Greg is about the same as I am and will hit that mark tomorrow sometime. The challenge ends this week. At this rate, we'll end up with a solid silver medal, which is way better than the bronze we were hoping for. There are several people that have nearly 2,000,000 steps, but I think that they are crazy. They must do nothing but walk all day. Maybe they teach PE, or read meters, or walk to work from Salt Lake everyday. My hat goes off to them. I don't know if all the walking has really made a difference for me fitness-wise, but I did walk home from a fireside at church tonight and was barely winded even after walking uphill the whole way. Hope that means my endurance is up.

That's it for tonight. I should really be asleep instead of on the computer, so that's where I'm headed. Sweet dreams.


Kathleen said...

Way to go Shannon! Enjoy your walking now before the snow hits and then you'll miss AZ, maybe :-)

trublubyu said...

congratulations on your 500,000 steps and impending silver medal!