Thursday, August 7, 2008

10 days and counting

I am counting the days until school starts. That sounds harsh as the mother of 5 offspring that all attend school. I love my children with all my heart, but I am amazed by others who are sad to see the summer end. My mind doesn't comprehend it. Harsh, once again. This is going to sound like a complaint, but it's not. It's merely a statement of fact. Everyday I realize more and more that I am such a creature of routine, or habit, if you will. Have you every had days or weeks like mine- where you seem to sit in the mud and spin your wheels for 15 hours before going to bed and doing it all over again? Where somethings get done, but nowhere near everything that needs to get done? All I need is a routine, a schedule, right?! My problem is that moving pretty effectively destroys a routine. Summer vacation on top of it doesn't help much, either. Both together? Not the most efficient use of my time! Things have settled somewhat, but not all the way. So, when I say I can't wait for school to start, it's not because I want my children out of the house. I love them and love having time with all of them. I, and I think they, need the structure and the routine that will be forced upon us. I'm hoping that will allow me to develop my routines at home. So, I'm counting the days in the hopes that life can truly get back to some sort of routine. I function so much more effectively that way.


kyleandbeth said...

AMEN!Though I have to say you are a good mom because you included the part about loving having all of them all of the time. I not so feeling that this week. Talk to me Monday and I will be a much better mom for sure!

trublubyu said...

i hear you, sister! i love my kids and love love love having them around, but you can't deny that routine and schedule is nice. i have enjoyed this week and getting back to the schedule now that school has started. can't wait til next year, another child will start school and there will be more heaven on earth!

The Lahr's said...

You only have a couple of days LEFT . Man, I have another 2 weeks. I am all about schedule and routine and I can't wait to have mine back either!