Sunday, July 20, 2008


The other day I filled out one of those getting to know you questionnaires. One of the questions was "What are two things you want right now?" I originally put down "$1,000,000" and "rain", but changed the "$1,000,000" to "school to start". I haven't thought much about it since. This afternoon it got cloudy and windy and a couple of rain drops fell. Joseph, who was out on the deck, yelled, "Mom, you got your first wish. Maybe you'll get your second." I didn't know what he was talking about at first. He reminded me of the $1,000,000 wish. I think he forgot about the school starting wish. He was very excited and planning how he was going to spend the $1,000,000,000 (notice the three extra zeros) that was sure to come our way until Greg and I destroyed his hopes. We pointed out that if the 5 rain drops that fell on our front porch were the result of my rain wish, we really couldn't expect more than about $1 from my $1,000,000 wish (which wasn't the real wish in the first place!) I don't see any way for school to start any earlier, though, so we're both out, I guess. I'll let you know if either arrives.


Doreen said...

If you do get $1,000,000 will you share? :p

Shannon said...

Of course! That is, after Joseph has finished spending it all for us!

Baby Oven said...

You might as well hope that the $1,000,000 will happen until school actually does start. Until then you have one wish still ungranted. Here's for hopin! :)