Friday, July 25, 2008

New Record

I usually fill the gas tank every week on my way to the grocery store. Lately I've been trying to not let the tank drop beneath 1/2. There's something soothing psychologically when the gas bill is what it used to be, even though I'm only putting in 1/2 as much. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I stopped to fill the tank this week and I hadn't even used 1/4 of a tank. At first I didn't know what I should do, having never experienced this before. Do I fill it so it's full again? Do I give myself (and the bank account!) the week off? I opted for the later, as it was hot outside and I had no real desire to get out of the air conditioned car. And what do I credit with this abundance of gas? I'd love to say it's because I've been making good use of pedometer and walking every where, which the kids would say is the case. But, it's probably that this has been a slow week and I need to get out more. What ever the reason, you've gotta make note of firsts, and this is definitely one of those.

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