Thursday, July 10, 2008

Who Knew?

So, a lady from our ward called on Tuesday to tell me that they hold Summer Seminary here. It's just 1-1/2 hours on Wednesday mornings, but the kids that go really enjoy it. Erica loved Seminary last year. I took her this week with the hopes that it would help her meet some kids from school and get to know some of the seminary teachers before school starts. She said she had a lot of fun. She said that they hold this summer program to help kids make up seminary work and graduate, but that anyone is invited to go. We'll see how next week goes. There are a lot of things I really like about Provo, this will have to go on the list.

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Becky said...

Hey Shannon,

Welcome to the world known as "blog".LOL
I just started mine a few months ago. I'm not as on top of it like some others are. I'm still learning and trying to pretty mine up. Our ward Relief Society had a Super Saturday about a month ago and one of the classes they offered was "How To Blog". I wanted to go, but something that was extremely important, but that I can't think of right now, came up and I wasn't able to go. I'm hoping to get a private lesson from my friend Staci. Her's is really cute. Anyhooo....keep blogging and feel free to check mine out.