Friday, May 15, 2009

Simple Math

Tonight is one of the top favorite nights of the year if you are female at our house. The level of favoritism if you're male probably depends on who you are and your age bracket, but enjoyment is usually expressed by all (especially if it's not cold and everyone sleeps!). It's Father & Sons campout weekend. Know why it's the female favorite? It's very simple math, really.

Normally it looks something like this:
1 father+1 mother+1 daughter+4 sons = Our Family Most Of The Time (and I'm glad)

However, during Father & Sons campout it's more like this:
Our Family Most Of The Time-1 father-4 sons=1 mother + 1 daughter (and it's fun!)

See, simple.

I love my family dearly but sometimes it's nice to have a change of scenery. The males have a new sleeping arrangement for the night and the scenery at home changes a bit. Erica and I have a fun evening together and I don't have to pack a bag or sleep on the ground. What's not to love?!

We'll return the favor for the second year in a row when Erica and I head of to girl's camp later this summer, only we'll have to pack a BIG bag and sleep on the ground for 5 days instead of just one. Last year the males had a great week and Dad was the fun-meister. I don't see that changing at all this year.

Tonight we took it easy. Since camp is so close to home (we can pretty much see the canyon from the front yard) Greg thought it would be better to just eat dinner at home and not haul it all to camp. I agreed because I didn't have to shop for anything extra and then help pack it all. So, Erica and I didn't go out for dinner, but we did go get ice cream and stay up late watching movies. Just to let you know how wild and crazy we are- we stayed up late watching "Nativity" and "Mobsters and Mormons". Whew, bet you could hear the noise all the way at your house!

Now, I'm writing this post and Erica fell asleep on my bed. She can stay as long as she stays on her own side. Sleeping soundly and comfortably in my own bed is one of the perks of this particular night, after all, and I'm not giving it up. Sweet dreams!


Lisa said...

Now I know why we didn't go out to eat together! I haven't had to pack my boys dinner for the past couple of years because Lee would rather just stop at Taco Bell or something on his way out of town!

trublubyu said...

sounds like a fun night. i love father and sons weekends.

Joy For Your Journey said...

How fun! I only have one son and he is grown so my husband doesn't go anymore and I have missed being able to have girl's night with just my daughters. Sounds like you had a great time.

Laura said...

With the boys only 2 years apart, and Kelly usually serving in some YM/Scout capacity, I also found scout camp to be a wonderful break from raised testosterone levels in my house! And there's always priesthood session at conference time...

Kathleen said...

I only have one son, but I do love Father's and Sons campouts, it really is a good weekend when you get a little extra bonding time with the girls!

Carrie said...

Ah, so nice! Maybe next year Jim can take the boys!