Monday, May 11, 2009

It's All In, Hope It Lives!

The kids had the day off today for a teacher quality day. There are only 13 days left in the school year, so I'm not sure why. Turns out it was a good thing. We got the garden tilled on Saturday, but nothing planted. The kids were home and wanted to help, and I was glad to let them.

This little terraced section was full of rocks. Amazingly, they were excited to help move them all over a corner of the yard. Erica taught the boys about shot puts, so they used the time for shot put practice.

They did a fairly decent job of hitting the general area, but it's probably a good thing no one was over there. The tall vegetation is our bakyard neighbors yard. Good thing they don't have a fence, because that way our yard gets lots of sun.

We planted lettuce, onions (red and yellow), corn- hope it grows because we've never had much luck with it before, tomatoes, cantaloup, watermelon, pumpkin, and my favorite- strawberries.

Tonight the little boys from next door came running around back while we were having Family Home Evening. After explaining that we couldn't play, we talked to them about only walking on the bricks or grass. They seemed to understand. We went upstairs for refreshments (Spencer made chocolate chip cookies by himself and the were awesome) , walked out on the deck to look down on our work, and saw where little footprints jumped from one row of planted seeds to another. It will be interesting to see who's tougher- plants or little boys! If the plants live long enough to produce food, they should be able to survive anything!


Heidi said...

It is SUCH a LOT of work! We spent the day in the backyard with a huge tiller kicking up every rock imaginable. Just the prep is enough to make you want to quit. Maybe we will have vegetables next year! Just want grass this year:)

Heidi said...

Oh, I hope the seedlings can with stand the little boys. They are hard to keep track of!!

kyleandbeth said...

Sorry I keep missing your calls! Seems I am in the shower, had V/T here or at the dentist not sure which. Hope all is well. Off to take Marcus to the ortho.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Your yard looks great! Good luck with the neighbor kids. Hopefully your plants will all survive. We planted a garden this year for the first time and so far it has great food for the birds. Oh so sad!

emcghee said...

Hey Shannon, it's Erin (Woffinden) Lund. I jumped to your blog from Karen Myers. Good to see you are all alive and well. Your kids are getting big! You guys are in Utah?

Dawn and Dave said...

Gardens are a blast though arent they. Have a good harvest.:)