Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Educational Expenses



My Dad always says that education is expensive. In this case, the poor garden is bearing the "expense" of my gardening "education". After two weeks of watering by hand and nothing growing- except two of our 6 raspberries, a couple of zucchini sprouts, and, so far, all of the strawberry plants, it gently rained all weekend. We've had zucchini sprout, live, and produce edible food before. I've been told that it's almost impossible to not be able to grow zucchini, so I'm not sure how good a gardener gauge that is. I think I was kindly being taught by the Master Gardener that I wasn't watering enough. The ground was certainly soggier than it had previously been, at any rate. We now suddenly have 8 zucchini plants, 48 corn plants, a new plant that I think is a weed masquerading as a cantaloupe plant, and lots of baby grass and weed sprouts to add to our plant total.

On Monday, Greg very kindly fixed the sprinkler head that was shooting a fountain into the air. The automatic sprinklers apparently do a much better watering job than the manual (me). We'll see if any of the rest of the seeds have survived my education. I'm hoping at least a few tomatoes grow, but if all we get is 48 corn plants that actually grow and produce edible corn, we'll have far surpassed any previous records- which up to this point is 0 corn plants that produce edible corn. So, at least the corn plants seem to be benefiting from the expense paid by the seeds in our previous attempts as well as the mercy of the Master Gardener. Either way, I'm having fun trying to improve (or maybe I should say "find") a talent and that's probably just as important as the actual produce.


Lisa said...


Jenny said...

At least it rained before it was too late!

I have yet to start a tomato plant from seed. I do better with transplants. Good luck on the corn! I've only gotten a few edible ones here in AZ last year.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Congratulations on getting something to sprout. We have planted a few gardens in the past and haven't gotten anything. This year we have an abundance of tomatoes (that are being eaten by the birds) but nothing else has grown. So we are congratulating ourselves on the tomatoes, and like you, hoping our "talent" for gardening will increase each year.:-) I hope you get corn!

trublubyu said...

yay for new growth! i loved seeing the leaves on your raspberry stick. i hope you get a great crop of berries!

we have had better luck this year with our gardening than any year up to this point. water is key. i have to water till i feel like i have overwatered. which i haven't done in the past.

good luck with your harvest.

and, thanks for the news on barta. that totally made me smile. i do wish i could take a quick trip up there to see her. oh well.

Mom O' Nine said...

Looks like a miracle to me....amazing.

Heidi said...

at least there are no "vahrments" in there this year! I remember how hard to fought them off in NH! It's a lovely stick.

I just have dirt.