Thursday, February 2, 2012

Round 2 (and this time he got it right)

It's not even been 4 months since our last visit to the doctor for a foot x-ray for what turned out to be a false alarm, but Joseph and I found ourselves there again today for the same purpose.  This time was not a false alarm.  His turn for redemption, I suppose.

Yesterday he kicked the door frame to his bedroom as he was heading in to get ready for a trip to the temple with the Teacher's Quorum.  He managed to hit it hard enough that he has a small crack on the large (most proximal) phalange of the middle toe of his right foot.  There's nothing to be done but let it heal.  He'll keep it taped for a while and maybe try crutches for a couple of days to relieve the pain.  It's the worst of both worlds- the pain and annoyance of a broken bone but no cool cast or brace for sympathy purposes.  Oh, the trials we are called on to pass through!


Mom O' Nine said...

Oh, that has got to hurt. Danielle spirally broke two toes a few years ago. Our puppy grabbed her sock as she was going down the stairs. Long story, but they wouldn't even give her crutches, as said she had sprained ligaments and movement was good. Our CIGNA pediatrician got the x-ray report exactly a month later and demanded to see Danielle immediately. By then, she could actually, finally walk. Her toe toes never grew--totally mess up the growth plate in the toes. I do not know if non-movement would have helped them or not. They are cute baby toes, though. :-)

Jenny said...

OW! I feel his pain and I have sympathy for him! I broke my pinky toe stomping down the hall to my room in a huff and kicked the door frame on accident in jr high and I had to wear a nerdy shoe and it was so lame. No sympathy, no cool medical accessories, no nothing. Just a hideous reminder of what a complete moron I had been.