Thursday, January 26, 2012

Very Limited Time Offer

Ok, time to talk about another child.  Today it's Steven.
 Steven is currently working on several merit badges for Scouts- this afternoon it was the Communications merit badge.  Requirement 7 has 3 options.  One is to start a blog.  He decided that would be a better option than designing a newsletter for an organization or writing a letter to the editor of  a magazine or newspaper.  I'd probably agree.  He going to write about his experiences with his month-long fencing trial.  The merit badge only requires 3 postings.  The first was posted today at  One down, only 2 to go.  They may become collectors items as there's a real possibility there will only be three.  Better hurry and check it out before it's old news! 

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Joy For Your Journey said...

I used to teach the communications merit badge. My things have changed a bit over the past ten years. I don't remember blogging being an option. Good to know they keep up with the times. :-)

Best of luck to him!!