Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just A Few Minutes

This is a total "minor miracle", but one for which we were grateful. The kids and I went to CA Wednesday to visit Grandma and had a very fun, but very brief visit. (The kids had school Monday and Tuesday.) If I get around to it, right now I'm booked out until June, I'll download and post pictures. Don't put your life on hold while waiting, though.

It was about an 11 hour or so drive over several dry rivers and through lots of space that could hold some woods as on to grandmother's house we went. On the way there, we gained an hour by changing time zones. That meant that on the way back we'd lose one. I wanted to get home early enough to get the car unloaded, have dinner, and get every one showered and to bed at a reasonable time. I figured that if we left a 6:00 this morning we could be back by 6:00 tonight.

We started well and were off a couple of minutes after 6:00. I did still have to stop and get gas, though. No big deal, it was just a few minutes. Then, due to several factors including sun rising in my eyes, a car on my right, and my listening to a book on CD, I missed the turn off from our east-bound free way to our north-bound freeway. No big deal, I just turned around at the next exit and came back. It was just a few minutes.

We stopped to say "Hi" and drop off a little something for the nephews at my brothers house in Las Vegas. It was the best few minutes of the day. Dear sister-in-law, Nicci, gave me directions back to the freeway. I should have asked a couple more clarifying questions. I went north when I should have gone south. Thank heavens Nicci had shown me a map (so I should have noticed the north south thing!) and I was able to take a connecting road I'd seen and eventually get headed in the right direction. Once again, it was only a few extra minutes.

I started to be bummed that all my "few extra minutes" were going to make me quite a bit later than 6:00. There was no real rush, other than some self-imposed goal I was trying to meet. Greg was even waiting to hear from us when we got closer, so he could have dinner ready when we got home. So, I really was set for the evening, no matter how long it took to get there. We were listening to some great books on CD, so the drive was quite enjoyable. Other than beating my imaginary clock and everyone wanting to be out of the car, there was no pressure,

Well long story short, I drove and drove (and stayed within a couple of ticks of the posted speed limit, too!). Thank heavens for great weather and a couple of 80 mph "speed limit test areas" that allowed us to make up a few extra minutes. I pulled off the freeway at 6:00 pm on the dot on the van clock (which I did not manipulate in any way!). We were home a couple of minutes later. My own little miracle. It's not one of those life-altering experiences, but I appreciated it nonetheless.

The other most wonderful miracle I was handed today was a beautifully vacuumed home with yummy spaghetti smells wafting out the door when we walked in. Greg is the best!


Keith and Nicci said...

I really wouldn't be surprised if it's my fault you got the north/south thing mixed up- I'm horrible with directions! I'm just glad you made it home on time still! It was fun seeing you guys twice - made Austin's day both times!

Mom O' Nine said...

Safe trip and u made a deadline. Sounds like a wonderful trip. There is an area in Texas I think where we can go 80...straight, nice road. Really shortens the trip. (by Law)

Carrie said...

Sounds like a successful, fun trip. It is always nice to return home (I think) and even better when it is all vacuumed and dinner ready.

kyleandbeth said...

I have to say, I kept waiting for the "our van broke down 3 times and it took 4 days to get home" part of the story. This one has a much happier ending then my most memorable trip to Provo!

Heidi said...

I kept waiting for the Dramamine count and the barf bag pull offs. Have they out grown that by now:)
Glad you had a safe trip!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I am glad you had a nice trip and were able to return home safely. I was feeling a bit of anxiety reading your story though since it was while listening to a book I missed my turn off and was nearly killed. I am so glad your story was just a sweet ending one with no drama! Welcome Home. And how lucky to have such a nice husband cooking dinner and vacuuming!!