Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not Feeling Too Bright Right About Now

Something didn't sit well last night as I was writing my last post. 10 hours later, I finally figured out what it was. The Marriage of Figaro isn't a Shakepeare anything, it's a Mozart opera. Obviously I'm not much of a classics kind of gal. So, sorry to Mozart and Shakespeare for giving credit where it wasn't due. That's what I get for staying up late to write.

Good thing I already have my high school and college diplomas. I think Mr. Perry and Ms. McGovern have already retired, too. Whew! I'd really have to bone-up for a final exam were I to take it now!

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Joy For Your Journey said...

At least you noticed your mistake before anyone pointed it out to you.:-) How fun to go to the Hale Theater and see the play. Even better that you enjoyed it. I remember reading Hamlet once and not having a clue what it was about. Then as an adult I read it again--with the help of an online class--and loved it. I guess some things we just have to mature into. One of the benefits of aging, perhaps :-)