Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter at Aspen Grove-The Other Half

Yesterday being President's Day, our family headed up to Aspen Grove to participate in the annual Snowshoeing/Cross Country Skiing event they hold. Last year, we went snowshoeing, had a great time, and saw half of Aspen Grove in the winter as opposed to our usual summer remembrances. This year we thought we'd try cross country skiing as none of our kiddos had ever been before. The snow wasn't as deep as last year and one mom told me the skiing trails were more slick and thus "faster" than they've been in the past. I'm willing to try again pretty much only if we run the course in reverse to see if I'd like "slower" snow and skiing mostly uphill better. Most of us had a great time, though, and we got to see the other half of Aspen Grove in the winter. There are a bunch of pictures of cabins that you will not likely find interesting unless you were there with us the last time we went. You may not even find them interesting if you were there. Feel free to scroll right on by either way.

The cross ski trail leaves from in front of Beckham Lodge and follows the dirt roads by the fish pond, ropes course, arts and crafts building, and around the cabins. Spencer took off like a shot and loved it the most. He said he was a natural. I told him it was the Norwegian in him. He must have an extra dose in there somewhere.

I'd put in pictures of everyone skiing down, but they all look pretty much the same, just fewer people at the top. Greg took the camera and went down first. This one's Joseph. The small dark shape on the right at the top is Steven sitting on the side of what was Dan and Melissa's cabin the last time we were there for a reunion. I went last. All I will say is that I prefer walking down on a dirt road to skiing down on the snow. There's just this thing I have with not ever wanting to do anything to hurt my knees ever again. Don't look for me on a downhill slope unless my life depends on it- and even then we'd be talking some pretty serious danger before I'll voluntarily go.

This is Erica and Joseph's hand as they came up to the bridge over the stream by the ropes course. Notice that some members of the family felt they didn't need a coat. Erica took her's off part way into the course, but at least had a sweatshirt on underneath. Joseph took his off before we even started and was quite happy to be wearing just a t-shirt. I think Spencer did the same. Crazy kids!

Ok, that's it for the family, the rest are pretty much just pictures of the places we were a couple of years ago for those that would like to see the difference. Enjoy if you feel like it!

The road up.

The main lodge- check out those icicles! Some of them were solid ice several inches thick all the way to the ground. Obviously there aren't many kids up there to break them off!

I think this is cabin #22. I tried to get shots of each family's cabin, but some weren't accessible.

Steven in front of that counselor cabin right near our set.

No idea what numbers they are, but I remember that some of our family stayed in them. They weren't on the trail, though that doesn't seem to have stopped people from heading over there.


Bathrooms and laundry.


This is the side of #27. I thought the splitting snow gave a better idea of how deep it was.

Arts and crafts

The kids arts and crafts lodge thing. I can't remember what it's called.

Ropes course

Fish Pond
It looks like they take out the walls that make the dam and just let the stream run in the winter.


Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh wow!! That looks like so much fun! And so very cold! I love the pictures especially of the icicles and the different cabins.

Carrie said...

That looks like so much fun. Was it just your family or did you have like a reunion? Do you have to reserve in advance? What a great time!

Shannon said...

Carrie- The skiing was a BYU employee activity. It is open to anyone most days of the week (I think Sunday is the only day they don't) and as far as I know you don't need a reservation. You can check at aspen.byu.edu.

We've had two reunions at Aspen Grove over the years. They are AWESOME and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Those require reservations the year before. So, right now they are accepting applications for summer of 2011. They have anything from cabins to "hotel rooms" to stay in, all your food is provided, and there are classes for the kids by age group starting as babies. Typically we drop the kids off after breakfast, pick them up for lunch, drop them off again afterward, pick them up for dinner and attend a family activity in the evening. There is no food to buy or cooking to do, so it's a vacation for everyone! It's kind of like a cruise on land, without all the bathing suits or food 24 hours a day. We're planning to go again next summer when my parents get home from their mission. Can't wait!