Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reaping What Was Sown

See these peaches? This morning they were still hanging on a tree, ripening in the sun. I've never picked peaches off the tree and then canned them. It's pretty cool. Thanks goes out to my neighbors that didn't want their fruit. There are more to do, but they're not quite ready yet. Maybe by Labor Day.

In other food news, fall must be somewhere near by as there are foods ready to harvest, eat, and store.

The season's first batch of peach pit syrup. It's made from peach pits some of my friends were canning last week. Hopefully there is a lot more to be had as I work on our peaches.

Here's some of the corn we ate for dinner. Lest I imply that all the corn cobs looked this good- the reason they got to be eaten for dinner was that they looked like real corn.

And here's most of the corn we froze. I didn't realize when I took this picture that I'd forgotten a batch that was still blanching on the stove. So, we ended up with 5 quart bags in all. It got to be cut up because these particular corn cobs were rather deformed looking and usually only partially filled with kernels. The earwigs got to quite a few of the strands of corn silk before everything could be fertilized. Darn bugs. At least I had the satisfaction of cutting down the corn stalks and creating lots of homeless bugs. Hope they move out of state.

One of our "watermelon" zucchini, but not the biggest we've had. I either forget to go out and check on it, or don't get the chance for a couple of days and then we end up with zucchini clubs.

Yep, that's all from one zucchini. It made 12 cups of puree that is now in the freezer waiting to be added to spaghetti sauce.

September is starting out crazy busy like August was, but there is something oddly satisfying about filling our shelves with jars of food. It's keeping me sane. Who'd have thought?!


NatureGirl said...

Love, love LOVE, LOVIN' it!

Heidi said...
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Heidi said...

Sorry, I had to delete what I wrote...made NO sense!

Nice job on all the canning! Check out my salsa recipe for my gallons of tomatoes and peaches I got this week is fun but TONS of work! I can't even look at another zucchini! Must bid farewell to them til next year...
BTW I love all the new pics on the side bar! Nice shots of all your little grown ups:)

Doreen said...

You go girl! I religiously check my zucchini every day. They grow so fast! Way to go on the corn, too. Did you never can the peaches you guys had in your backyard when you lived in AZ? Those were good peaches! Yum. Everything looks great! :o)

commonsense's pain said...

got a recipe for that peach pit syrup?