Thursday, September 10, 2009

This Afternoon

I've found that, lately, I've only had the time and memory space for 1 sentence "updates" on Facebook. Even a paragraph on a blog has been beyond my reach. Not much has changed today, other than I have 11 minutes and I feel like trying to link three sentences into a paragraph. Done. 10:30 to go. Cool.

So, this afternoon I get to go to SEP's (I think that's short for Student, Educator, Parent- basically a Parent/Teacher conference) for Steven and Ryan. I'm running out of kids at the elementary school and only have to juggle 2 schedules this year. Strange.

Afterwards I get to stop at church for a blood drive. Last May I donated and asked them to submit a tube of blood for a platelet count so I can get back into donating platelets again. They took the tube and filled out the paper, but I finally spoke with the coordinator this week and she never got any of it. So, we'll try again today for the platelet count and she went ahead and set up an appointment since I've donated in other states before. It seems weird to me that the different regions of the Red Cross can't communicate with each other to just transfer the info, but they can't. The coordinator assures me they are working on it. That's what the coordinator in NH told me, too, and it's been two years. Sounds like a computer novice, like myself, is doing the working.

Tonight we have 2 soccer games- Steven and Spencer/Joseph. Can I just say that I am SO grateful that soccer is only 5 weeks. We're about half-way through and I'm exhausted- and I'm not even doing the playing. I'm not sure who plans for soccer and school to start the same week, but they must not have kids. The big plus for me is that once soccer is done, I'll actually feel like we get a little break, which is unusual for our family in October.

About a month ago I gave myself a massive paper cut under the nail of my pointer finger. 12 hours later it woke me up aching terible. I got up to find this large chunk of very red skin sitting on the side of my nail that was able to sense if someone was even thinking about walking within 10 feet of my finger. No idea what happened. There were two points to this little story. 1) The chunk of skin has almost, almost gone, but is still pretty tender if it is hit. It looks like somehow a section of nail bed was lifted on top of the nail in my sleep that first night. I don't recommend it. Extremely painful. 2) I just realized that the weird typing style (1st finger pointing up in the air and 3rd and 4th finger doing all the work) I've had to use since then has become semi-permanent. It's hard to even consciously use that 1st finger to type. Just one more thing to make me unique, I suppose. I'll work on reteaching it to type.

Ok. Time's up. Off to SEP's. Have a fabulous day!


Joy For Your Journey said...

I am so glad you found some time to write more than just a sentence.:-) Sorry to hear about your finger! And good luck donating platelets. I can't donate any blood due to a little bout with hepatitis when I was three. So sad.

kyleandbeth said...

What! Only 5 weeks of soccer? We go all the way until Dec. It is crazy but we love it!

trublubyu said...

bummer for your finger. isn't it amazing how much we take body parts for granted. and then when they are not working properly, we totally notice them. and make adjustments and count the moments till they are back to normal.

confession: i have never donated blood. but, i always feel like i need to. shame on me.

Heidi said...

Aaay- MEN to the 3 second updates and barely having time to squeeze 3 sentences into a thought! This was SO my week!! Hoping it slows down a little this week. Not likely, but I can hope right?

Heidi said...

Just saw Steph's comment...I donated last fall and regret it...I'm a wimp and don't recover well. I needed an escort home and a jug of juice to keep me from going DOWN! Won't do it again. You da WOMAN Shan!