Monday, March 23, 2009


The trend, I've noticed, on birthdays is for a sentimental, tender expression of love and/or history for said birthday-er. Today was Joseph's big day, but he'd hate sappy, so I will refrain and settle for a couple of quick sentences.

He had a party on Friday with some friends. (One ducked right at the last minute!)

They ate pizza, played video games, had cake/ice cream, and behaved themselves. It was great.

Today we did the family presents, donuts and juice.

I also broke down and let them watch TV. (I am getting weak as that's happening all too often on "special days off". It's amazing how many of those can come up!) His mean mother then forced everyone out of the house for a quick trip (I mean it, less than 40 minutes including travel time) to the BYU Museum of Art to see the Walter Wick exhibit. He's the guy who does the "I Spy" and "Do You See What I See?" books. It was great and they loved it for the 17.2 minutes that we were there (5 minutes of which was in the restroom!). I forgot the camera until half way there and knew I have a mutiny on my hands if we went back to get it. We wrapped up the day with Family Home Evening and ice cream (vanilla, cookies and cream, and orange sherbet) with hot fudge (yes, even the orange sherbet. Bleh!). Joseph didn't want a second cake. No problem. Hot Fudge sauce is WAY faster to make! He still wasn't big on pictures, but after holding his ice cream hostage, I got one.

Then off to bed at a MUCH more reasonable time than last night.

Happy Birthday, Joseph!
(Thanks for the picture, Erica!)


Kathleen said...

How brave are you to have all those boys over for a party! :-)

Heidi said...

Looks like we share a b-day celebration. Our went on all weekend as well with an extra day off included. The camp out looks like so much fun. and i was glad the cemetery service just meant raking, not an actual burial:) Cool finds there by the way!