Thursday, March 12, 2009

$.99 Strawberries in March

Sunflower Market has $.99/lb. strawberries. The second week in March. That seems early to me, but I'm not one to complain about such things. They are beautiful, huge, and oh so juicy. (I would have taken a picture for your enjoyment, but the only way the camera is currently functioning is for Erica to press hard on the front edges of the lens with her fingers while pushing the button. We currently have lots of pictures of Erica's fingers and not much else.) I bought 5 tubs today. We ate one after school and the other 4 have been made into jam and are sitting in my freezer, except for a little in the fridge- some of which will probably not live to see tomorrow morning as I will eat a piece of toast before bed. I don't know who thought of having a sale on large, gorgeous, yummy strawberries in March, but today they are my hero. And probably tomorrow and the day after, and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as well. Maybe if I offer to keep them at hero status, we'll have them again next week as well.

PS- The suggestion given last fall about how to get the cents sign didn't work for me. I'm going to have to get a custom keyboard for days like today.

PPS- If your strawberries are cheaper, I'm glad for you. Eat many and feel good.

PPPS- Sunflower also had London Broil steaks for $1.97/lb., but they were out. They were selling sirloin steaks at the same price instead until their shipment came in. It was a happy grocery day. Glad it kind of fell apart yesterday (the regular day).


Doreen said...

So they actually taste like real strawberries, too? That's impressive. Dave bought some the other day, and while they were big and red and juicy, they tasted like water. :o(

NatureGirl said...

"Eat many, and feel good." That is, from now on, going to be my motto for a great many things!

kyleandbeth said...

Kaci has been downing strawberries like they were on sale, glad they are! They are really yummy this year for some reason. I think I'll go have some!

Lisa said...

Can I just tell you THANKS for the heads up on the sirloin steaks? We had one of them last night and it was SO yummy! It's amazing how you get used to a London Broil and forget how good it can be!