Sunday, January 25, 2009

Am I Blessed or What?!

Can I just mention how good I've got it here? This has been one of the craziest church days I've had in a long time- up at 6:30 to get stuff ready for the day, out the door at 9:30, go non-stop until a 20 minute nap at 6:00 and then back for a fireside until 8:30. Guess what my awesome husband did.
1) Got the children out the door to church and was there early.
2) Played games with the kiddos while I made dinner in the relative peace and quite.
3) Let me take a nap while he did the dishes- the entire days worth- and cleaned up the kitchen.
4) Got the 3 youngest children to bed while I was gone.
5) Made tapioca pudding. From scratch. Just for the two of us. (I think he's trying to get me to like him!) Yum!
6) And, he just brought me the calendar and a pen so we can go over the week and I didn't have to get up.

How lucky can a girl get? If I was on the other computer, I would totally put a picture of this fantastic man right here.

However, this computer doesn't have any pictures on it (except some random nature shots that came with it and the YW logo that I downloaded earlier this week. None of them would exactly work here, though) and I don't have any online. Maybe after our calendaring, I'll get up and add one. For now, just know that I got the best deal EVER when he asked me to marry him.


trublubyu said...

you have a total winner! every woman needs a good husband for the times she has a busy day.

i love the pic.

this is a great post.

NatureGirl said...

Way to go Greg! And to think I was there "in the beginning" to watch the whole thing unfold. Ahhh...memories!

Lybi said...

Awwww, that's a sweet hubby and no doubt about that. For some reason, I get the impression that you will have the chance to make it up to him in terms of Sabbathifying the kids and house while HE has a long church related day. Better enjoy it!

P.S. What a cute blog you have!

Joy For Your Journey said...

What a sweet husband and how lucky you are to have him home to help on Sunday. I have no idea what that is like. Mine is always gone. I also loved your post on the bed making. That is all too familiar. Perhaps you need to broaden your definition of a made bed.:-) My children's beds look just the same. I keep hoping they will change, but so far they haven't. And I can't stand an unmade bed. I just don't get it. How hard it is to pull the covers up?

Also, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I appreciated your comment. I have actaully read your blog before. I was intrigued by your posting on being spontaneous and loved what you wrote. I had one of those days as well and was so very grateful for it--and especially for the friend who called.