Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They Didn't Come

Joy For Your Journey asked about our shoes this morning. Sad to report they were still all over the floor and had nothing fun or exciting in them. Too bad. Mine would fall into the "large and therefore prosperous" category for this particular holiday. Maybe we should leave a treat as a good will offering next year. I should also not put my shoes away if I want them filled, huh! On second thought, Ryan has been overly concerned with robbers breaking into our house lately. He prays every night that none will break in and if they do that they will be caught by the police and we'll get our stuff back. So, maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to invite strangers in just now. Greg went to work, church, and school, the kids went to school and scouts, I went grocery shopping, and my Visiting Teachers came to visit. They gave me two messages since they didn't get here last month, which was sweet. One even went back home to get my Christmas present she forgot- a box of chocolate covered orange sticks. She didn't put them in my shoes when she came back, though. We had a smattering of rain, but no snow. Pretty normal day on the whole. Off to bed. Night!

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