Tuesday, January 5, 2010

If You Leave Them By The Door, They Will Come...Maybe

It's not something we celebrate here, but tomorrow is "The Day of the Kings" in some parts of the world. We have a friend in New Hampshire who is from Spain and she makes sure to celebrate with her family every year. The kids even get to skip school. Our kids wished they could be adopted every Jan. 5.

How does one celebrate? In essence, one leaves their shoes out with treats for the Wise Men and their mounts and wakes up in the morning to find treats and presents left as a Thank You. As Erica said, "This is one day when people with big feet prosper".

Why do I mention it? Well, if you were to walk in our front door right now and through the living room, you'd think we were trying to entice every wise or semi-wise man who ever lived to stop by and visit tonight- at least the children here are. It's one of those "If I had a penny for every shoe (coat, backpack, etc.) by the door..." kinds of days. We aren't leaving any treats out, unless crumbs count, so I'm fairly confident that no one will stop and we'll wake to find the shoes right where they are and just as empty as they will be when the lights go out.

I'm not trying to make light of a holiday, especially one that marks such an important day. And, I'll admit, the shoe/coat/backpack situation has been worse so I shouldn't complain. Most of the coats are even heaped all over a coat rack instead of all over the floor. It's just nice to think that once a year the shoes can be left out and all around for a reason, no matter how remote.

So, Happy Day of the Kings if you're from Spain. Have a great Jan. 6 if you're from the US- and all you kiddos have a great day at school!

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Joy For Your Journey said...

So did you find anything in your shoes???