Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nice Surprise

I found out today that there are at least two radio stations here who are playing Christmas music all day everyday already. Bit early? Maybe. Sure did make me wish it would snow today, though! I'll have to pace my listening so I'm not burned out by December!


Frugal or Cheap? said...

It must be a Woffinden thing because Keith turned Christmas music on last week here. Growing up we always waited until after Thanksgiving, but it's been kind of fun having it on after Halloween since I got married!

The Streiffs said...

Burned out of Christmas music, is that possible?!?!?!? We turned ours on this week. Loving it!

Mom O' Nine said...

I think it is when they loop the same songs over and over that you get tired of it. With two stations, you can change, and maybe they are not using the same songs. When I can tell the kids which song will be next, I know it is time to put my own Christmas music in the CD player. I love the songs about the Savior. I find it is the other songs that get old and repetitive.