Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mother/Daughter Time, round 2 and Happy Thanksgiving

Thanks to the school district for giving Erica and I some more fun mother/daughter time. The entire school district has Wednesday off for Thanksgiving, but for some reason, the highschool only has a half day on Tuesday as well. It worked out well for us, though. See, Erica turned 16 recently and her permit was expiring soon and she finished her driving course at school so we made good use of her time today and went to get her a drivers license. Woo hoo!

One Happy, Licensed, Young Lady

(When did we we get over training wheels?)

(Side note- It's kind of weird for me still. I'm not too excited to have her take the car out the first time alone. I think it's the control freak in me and a little paranoia sets in when I think what COULD happen, though probably WON'T happen. I've already explained to her I'll probably be a little weird about it and to just be patient and humor me when I don't want her to go farther than the church! She just smiled and said ok and then very wisely didn't ask to drive today. A nut case mom can only handle so much excitement in her life in one day! I got over driving in the car with her, I'm sure I'll figure out not driving in the car with her. Surely I was an older 16-year-old- not that she's a problem child, I just remember changing diapers and helping her learn to ride a bike. There was much more time between those things and driving for me, at least from my perspective!)

There was a miracle involved with this experience. School got out at 11:40 and I was 5 minutes late picking her up at school. It's a 15 minute drive, or so, over the the Driver's License Division from school. We were done and driving away at 12:24 on the van clock (which is set 3 minutes fast, so it was really 12:21). In case you don't want to do the math, that's 36 minutes from pick-up at school to finished at the DLD. Never, in my wildest dreams would I have thought a person could get a new driver's license in such a short time. Granted, she did both the written and driving portions of the test as part of the driver's ed class at school (finally found a good reason for that school fee!) so all we had to do was turn in paper work, pay for it, and take her picture. Still, I think that's pretty amazing. Here I was, hoping that the 3 hours I had before Steven and Ryan got out of school would be enough and we were done in 36 minutes. We ran a couple of errands on the way home and celebrated with Sam's Club deluxe pizza at the end. (I know, you're jealous!) Pretty fun day thanks, again, to the school district and their days off.

Tomorrow everyone (except Greg) is home. The kids are planning an all day Star Wars marathon and I'm starting the baking for Thanksgiving. If everyone shows up for the movies that has said they're coming, I may have to bake a bunch of extra goodies! We'll see!

What are you grateful for this year?


kyleandbeth said...

Congrats to Erica! Marcus was just talking about how lucky she is to be 16 and able to drive. I think I will point out that her birthday was 10 days ago.

kyleandbeth said...

Oh though the cell phone was a much bigger deal to Marcus. He now has hope for himself he told me. If Shan can be suckered into it, he is convinced I can be too!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Congrats to your daughter. My sixteen year old is still waiting to get hers because she hasn't had drivers ed yet. They scheduled her for it next semester, which made her really mad, but not mad enough to talk to her counselor about getting it changed.

But about teenagers driving. . . two of my four older kids were in accidents. Actually Kathryn was in a couple but they were minor and never her fault. Ryan never was in one which is totally amazing and Camille totalled the car. All were safe though--as in not injured. So my advice is to just accept that something might happen, but all will most likely be fine, and then not stress over it.

Best of luck!! :-)

Crystal Escobar said...

What a great video. I just love Elder Oaks. I just came across your blog somehow :) Just looking to connect with other moms. Feel free to check out my blog and leave me comments of advice. I'd love it!