Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I should be doing dishes, but I don't feel like it. I want to write something, but haven't figured how to put what I want to say into words. Rock and a hard place. Tough one.

For those that don't know, we've had a pretty amazing weekend. The kids had Fall Break beginning last Wednesday. It happened to coincide with the first available time at the Mesa Temple for my one-year-ago baptized brother-in-law to take my sister and their sweet family to the Mesa temple to be sealed for eternity. Greg, his dad (Tom), and I were able to spend part of an afternoon in the Mesa temple with three of our children doing baptisms and confirmations. Another brother was able to schedule his 8-year-old daughter's baptism for the same weekend. All of my siblings, most of their spouses, both of my parents, my father-in-law, and my grandmother were able to be together for a few days. I love my family, all of it, both sides, and I love every minute we get to spend together.

The kids picked up perfectly timed cases of gatroenteritis on the drive home. Even this turned out to have several silver linings. Since all 5 were all sick at the same time they kind of watched out for each other. Sunday morning found them all on the floor in the living room with blankets and bowls, keeping each other company. That sight continued while Greg, Tom, and I went to church that afternoon. We were met there by Greg's brother (Mike) and his wife (Terri) and later my Aunt Nancy. They were all in our ward to be present while Greg was sustained as our bishop that day. All 5 of our kids missed it. I tried calling home on the cell phone so they could at least listen on the speaker phone at home, but the mike on my cell phone wasn't strong enough. The sweetest part came when Tom and I got home after church, though. The kids had really wanted to be there and were bummed when they couldn't hear anything. Since they couldn't hear what was happening and when, they picked a random spot during their meeting and all raised their hands to sustain their dad on their own. I don't know why that meant so much to me. I guess I just felt like that was the end of any issues we'd have with dad being bishop and gone alot. I hope I'm right.

I slept more and better than I had in weeks that night. Probably had nothing at all to do with getting no sleep the night before with kids sick all night. I know it had lots to do with a feeling of peace and that everything was right. Travel was done, we'd had some great family time, and the stress of keeping hushed about the bishop news was over. Everyone keeps asking me how life is going now. All I can say is great so far. Regular life hasn't been affected at all (knock on wood at the end of day three!). The kids are all back on their feet and back to school. I'm coming to grips with the fact that my remaining time in YW is rapidly growing very short. Even the dishes and backlog on the rest of the housework haven't been able to disrupt this feeling that everything is just "right" with the world. I don't know how long this will last, but I'm loving it.


Kelly said...

Wow, Shannon -- amazing to hear the rest of your weekend. I'm sure Greg will be a wonderful Bishop, and you guys will be blessed with all sorts of tender mercies from his service.

It was so good to see you, and I felt really blessed to be able to get to be there in the temple with all of you. It was a wonderful day!

Now let's say adios to those stomach bugs! I hope you and Greg are spared.

cabesh said...

Fabulous weekend. We knew that Bishop was in Greg's future sometime, how wonderful for your ward.

NatureGirl said...

Wow! What an amazing weekend. You are blessed. No one our age is old enough to be bishop though, so I will not comment on that...denial is bliss!

Mom O' Nine said...

Such a nice post. Sorry the kids were sick, but better all were sick to be together than one sick and alone. So happy for the news about Bishop Nelson! Behind every great bishop is a strong, loving, compassionate, spiritual wife to lead the family when the dad is busy. You will do well in that role. You have the best kids, too. Their desire to attend the temple as often as they do testifies to that. Also around here, once a bishop serves, then he has a little window and ends up in the stake presidency...good luck!

Joy For Your Journey said...

That does sound like a great week. And I am glad you have been blessed with a sense of peace. Now when things get rougher you can think back to that moment. :-)

When my husband was bishop my then three year old said to me, "I used to have a fun daddy, now I have a bishop daddy." They all adjusted though and learned the value of church service.

And my advice . . . get a good friend (if you don't already have one) who is not in your ward. You will need someone to talk to at times who isn't involved in the ward in any way.

Okay, I have tons of other advice for bishop's wives, but perhaps I will just send it to you little by little rather than overwhelm you at once. :-)

Best of luck to you and your husband!

Jenny said...

That is so special you could all be at the temple and arrange other events at the same time. You've got good kids, I really admire your family. We'll pray for your family to adjust well to the new calling! They haven't already replaced you as YW Pres? At least there will be a good buy-in among the Young Women to support the new bishop. They already know they love you!

Jenny said...

Oh, and LOVE the new family pictures!

Laura said...

What wonderful family experiences for you! And Greg as bishop - can't think of a better man (even though I don't know any there!). Great news.