Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking a Break from a Normal Day

I was just thinking that I didn't have anything really to post about today when I heard fire trucks coming down the street. I opened the blinds to find a little diversion.

No word, yet, on how it started. The fire investigator thinks it's probably a cigarette tossed out a car window. That's the third fire this month within a block or two of our house. A little bit (or better yet, a LOT) of rain would not be a bad thing right about now. Let's hear it for such quick acting fire fighters!

Now, back to our boring, regularly scheduled day of cleaning which was already in progress.


jsw said...

Ooooo. . . . I missed all the excitement. So glad it was under control quickly.


Lisa said...

I heard those fire engines, too, and saw (and smelled) the damage on my walk this morning. I meant to ask you about thanks for the update!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Nothing like a little fire to brighten your day. :-) Or at least add variety to it. Thanks for sharing. I have had nothing in my life today but laundry. Ugh.

Carrie said...

How's that for something out of the ordinary?