Thursday, July 23, 2009

I should probably write...

As the title of this blog is "Everyday Miracles", the idea was to record everyday, or at least close to it. Who knew July 8 was so long ago!

So, what's miraculous about today, or even any of the last 15?

1) The pumpkins have lived and we actually have a pumpkin growing. For some reason, there are currently LOTS of male flowers on the plants, so one is all we have, but it appears there may be a couple more female flowers opening soon.

2) Two days ago I got all the laundry washed, folded, and into the right bedroom. Yesterday was the same, only because I never put any laundry into the laundry room. As a result, the baskets in the laundry room were put away and empty for more than 24 hours.

3) We had a Young Women presidency meeting that only lasted 45 minutes.

4) I found out that even though school is going to be starting a day later than originally announced, all of the extra days off have been canceled- I assume for budgetary reasons. Now we only have days off around actual holidays. I'm happy, Erica is not.

5) Steven and Ryan have somehow kept themselves nicely entertained even though Spencer and Joseph are at scout camp.

6) The heat has reminded me that the person who invented air conditioning deserves a Nobel Peace Prize.

7) Sparkling blueberry frozen yogurt is really yummy. Another wonderful invention.

8) Saw a perfect clear double rainbow right outside the front door.

9) Made tofu spinach dip and people (most of whom were not related to me) actually liked it. Erica was the only real exception, though I'm not sure Greg ever had the chance to try it.

10) Watched Greg run the games for the little kids at the Library picnic and was reminded why he's such a great dad.

11) Joseph told me he likes baby carrots. (About fell down at that announcement.)

12) Ryan said he's beginning to like green beans. (Good thing I was already sitting down at the table. FYI- I don't know what the current "# of times to try before they like it" guide doctors are telling moms these days, but for us it was 8 years, 1 month, and about 2 weeks of having green beans a couple of times a week.)

13) USM didn't raise their tuition for Greg's MLIS program for the fall.

14) After a year of living here, Greg and I fixed the sprinkling system. Now, not only do all the heads spray like they should, not one of them needed to be replaced. They just had dirt, rocks, lint, and grass inside the filters or needed the spray levels adjusted.

15) I hiked up to the "Y" twice in 3 days and had fun doing so.

16) Saw the chewed piece of gum that some passerby thought would be funny to stick on the black car door handle in the hot sun before I put my thumb in it when opening the door after shopping and had a piece of paper handy to remove it.

So, what little miracles have happened for you today?


Mom O' Nine said...

Our Marine is here on leave before heading to Iraq on August 15th. AND true miracle, our daughter, Megan and kids Jake, Faith, and Brianna arrives this afternoon and get to stay until the first part of August. That is a TRUE first, AND blessing, as her husband does not seem to think she needs to spend any time at all with us....and total days with us for the past 10 year I can truthfully count on one hand and a finger. The grandkids love it here and they beg to come. Thank goodness for loving grandchildren. I hope once they all return safely to their husband/dad, he lets them come again, and he is always welcome, too.

Doreen said...

Our watermelon last year had tons of male flowers before the females started showing up. Probably the same with pumpkins. Glad to hear things are growing!

trublubyu said...

i think your most miraculous event was the 45 min presidency meeting. i am impressed!

i love your list!

Joy For Your Journey said...

I really hope I see the miracle today of all my laundry done. After being gone for a few weeks we have TONS of it to do!!

I loved your list. It made me smile to read it. And I am really impressed you hiked the Y twice in such a short time and enjoyed it. Good for you!!!