Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Today I tried on a pair of jeans that was too long.

Let me take a moment and roll that particular arrangement of words around in my mouth again. That statement may not seem important to most people. I, however, have NEVER, in all my post-5th grade life, found a pair of finished pants that were too long and have thus never said that sentence. I didn't even know some people had to go home and hem pants from the store until my freshman year of college. I thought hemming pants went out with sewing machines. Even my Senior year when my mom made my choir dress, she didn't have to hem it because the skirt length was a touch on the short side just leaving the finished edge of material as the finished edge of the dress. I have always been amazed at people who could just walk into a store and buy a size 8 (or whatever, I'm a "whatever") off the rack and know it would fit. It was a very happy day when I discovered a fairly consistent supply of "long" jeans at Penney's. It's the closest I've ever been to having a regular place to shop. I can almost, though not always, guarantee that I'll find something that fits whenever I go in the store. Well, today I found a pair of jeans that wasn't one of the petite, average, or long variety. Apparently you can get "Ultra Long" from the St. John's Bay brand, too. I don't know how common it is because I only saw the one pair and I've never seen one before today. It was slightly unnerving. For just the tiniest of moments I felt short. It was strange. Too bad they weren't too wide, or I'd have felt skinny. That would have been very pleasant. It was fun to imagine being in a crowd of people all wearing ultra long jeans that fit them. There's a chance I might be one of the short ones. Talk about unnerving! Who'd have ever though THAT could happen?!

Oh, and to go along with the astonishment theme,

At noon today, a gigantic black moose walked down my street.

I'm pretty certain I've never said that arrangement of words, either. I tried really hard to get a picture, but he (or maybe she, I didn't check) walked between some houses and we lost him. The kids saw him later head up into the condo development south of here and one of my YW saw him walking back up into the canyon a little while after that.

So, between all the excitement of the day and the ice skating for YW tonight, I'm pretty much ready for bed. Did you know I have lots of little muscles in my legs that I don't normally use? I found them again tonight. Oh, what a day.


Laura said...

That is funny! Jay recently had his own surprise encounter with a moose (he screamed and ran while his buddies stood there and watched it). I find this hilarious because Jay was the only one there who has even seen a moose before. Silly boy!

trublubyu said...

i, too, have never had to use either of those sentences. i would love to find a pair of anything that is too long. and it would be awesome if a moose walked down my street. it would mean that i didn't live in the hottest place on earth.

Jenny said...

Whoa, what a day! Jealous that you got to go ice skating. That's my favorite activity, ever.

Lisa said...

Oh, how I wish I'd seen it too! The long pants, and the moose! I, too, was astonished when I tried on a pair of long jeans that was too long once, and wondered to myself who was that much taller than me, or why would they want their pants dragging that much?? As to the moose, we see them frequently up Big Cottonwood Canyon. I'm fairly sure that if it didn't have antlers, it was a momma. If so, she was probably furious that her calf didn't come home in time for lunch and was out looking for him, probably fuming the whole time that he was wasting her energy on such a fruitless search.

Mom O' Nine said...

The long pants story cracked me up. Arlen has ALWAYS worn the 34 length.....since I have known him. His work went to a dress Wrangler and he is now a 33 length. I can report that "average" capri's on me still look like high water pants. I love the wild life running, walking, strolling, whatever, through your neighborhood, too. That is usually my line!

Joy For Your Journey said...

Wow! A moose walking down your street! I have never had that happen. Our biggest excitement is a three foot snake in our garage--that is probably still there hiding somewhere--much to my dismay. Congratulations on the pants. I am 5'8" so I haven't ever experienced too long of jeans either.