Thursday, June 25, 2009

Something To Say

One starts a blog because one, in theory, has something to say. Apparently, I don't. I've been at the computer every day for the past 10, but not one thing has come to mind that really warrants a post. So, here I am, still twiddling my thumbs. I haven't even really learned anything hugely valuable, unless you're playing Trivial Pursuit. So, on the off chance that you are and you need some answers, here you go. (As this was pretty much all new to me, you can check my info at The "geology" tab at the top was particularly interesting.)

1) Our house is built at the edge of what was once Lake Bonneville. It covered most of what is now the Great Basin (hence the reason it was a lake- basins tend to hold water!) The only down side is that our property would be looking at the beach from the water side of the sand, not the land side of the sand. Details.

2) Lake Bonneville dropped 350 feet when it overflowed near Red Rock Pass, ID. Apparently it flooded for a year.

3) After all that water rushed out of the lake, the land eventually rose 200 feet because of "isostatic crustal rebound". (i.e.- all the retained water weight was gone and the earth breathed a sigh of relief!)

4) If the people who are part of the Bonneville Shoreline Trail get their wish, you will one day be able to walk along what once was the eastern shoreline of Lake Bonneville all the way from the Idaho border to Nephi, UT- 150 miles by plane, 280 miles on your own 2 feet. Don't expect waves and sand, though. They are long gone. Most of your walk will now be up on the side of a mountain, but the views are and will be spectacular.

5) Part of that trail exists right outside my front door. So, come visit and we'll go for a walk!


Joy For Your Journey said...

That was interesting to me! I know what you mean about the brain fog thing though. I am pretty sure I haven't had too many profound thoughts since school got out. I don't know if my brain just stopped working or if there is too much noise and commotion for it to work properly. At any rate, I did enjoy reading this post. And if I ever come across a question about Lake Bonneville while playing Triva Pursuit, I will be ready! :-)

Mom O' Nine said...

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