Thursday, August 4, 2011

Post Vacation, or, What happened to all that time that was looming before me just a few weeks ago?

I think I take longer to recover from vacation/being gone than I do to get ready to go.  It's taken 10 days, but the laundry is caught up, the house has been completely cleaned once (not in the last half of the 10 days and really could use it again!), groceries are in the cupboards, and the check book is caught up.  2 sons have left for a week-long camp and returned, the husband has left for his camp out. I spoke in church, got Erica to and from work, and Spencer to and from band, enjoyed visits from several family members, had a birthday, planted carrots for a fall garden, found several geocaches with another son, enjoyed some AMAZING rain storms, attended a sealing and an endowment session with Greg, took the kids to the temple for baptisms, registered the last son for 5th grade, bought most school supplies, helped a friend move (a little), took same friend to the airport, saw HP with most of the family, and slept at least 7 hours most nights since getting home.

I still have a newsletter to write, 6 closets to sort through with their owners, 2 other birthdays to shop for and celebrate, soccer practices to start, school clothes to buy, one child to get moved into a dorm, the schedule of one high schooler to get changed, several days to spend helping my Grandma, and an anniversary to celebrate (if we're every at the same place at the same time again!) all before school starts on the 22nd.

Ahhhh, life!  Someday I'll think about recording things on a blog again.  (Thank heaven for plants!)


Mom O' Nine said...

The geocaches sound interesting and love that you had time for a temple trip. Very busy and always on the go, you are. :-) Have a nice late summer into fall. :-)

Lisa said...

I'm going to have Lee drop off Sam on the way to work Monday morning, where she will wait and then call me when she is close. If you want to share in the drop off to save a trip, just holler.

Joy For Your Journey said...

Oh my!! Reading this made me feel so tired! And a bit guilty. I have just spent the past week at my daughter's house reading books, trying out new restaurants and going on walks while waiting for her baby to be born. It has been a nice break from life--but I sure wish this little guy would hurry and make and appearance!!

Good luck with everything you have going on!!