Friday, May 21, 2010

We Grow 'Em Big Here

So, this Spring all the daffodils and tulips popped up just like they were supposed to. Mixed in among them we had a couple that never bloomed, but I didn't think much about it. They kept growing and growing, though, and today were about twice as tall as any of the other plants.

I was out talking with my next door neighbor this afternoon. His little boys broke the tops off of the tallest plants and suddenly we could smell onions. Wally's garage was opened, so he got a shovel and we dug up what we discovered were the biggest green onions I've ever seen.

This is one that I bought last week at the store:

These are the ones we dug out of the flower bed this afternoon:

I think I'll look up a recipe for onion soup unless anyone knows something better to do with them! (Then, I'm going back to gardening school until I can tell the difference between all the plants.)


Julie said...


Laura said...

Yikes! Those are some giant scallions! How about making scallion pancakes?

NatureGirl said...

Holy cannoli! Those are could chop 'em up and dry them for future use I suppose.

Shannon said...

Laura- Scallion pancakes?! Are those for real? I'm not sure what my taste buds think about that. Erica did say they were kind of sweet when she took a bite, but I'm not sure we're talking the same tone of sweet as pancakes!

NatureGirl- never thought of drying them. That would be interesting.

Baerman said...

Good laugh Shan! I can identify onions, but I can't say I've ever mixed them with bulbs and then still ID them. Isn't gardening fun and educational?

Shannon said...


Things is, i didn't plant the daffodils, tulips or onions there. The flowers were there when we bought the house. I'm not sure where the onions came from!

Lisa said...

We have tons of green onions that look like that because I don't replant them every year. I just snip them off when I need them and they keep coming back. Since they get those seedy flowers on them, I can believe that they planted themselves there via the wind, nice and cozy among the daffodils. That would be unexpected to find them in my flower bed, though!

Carrie said...

Holy Cow! Those are huge. I am interested to find out what you do/did with them.